Saturday, 5 December 2009

operate432, where art thou?

Big Small's first follower hasn't been here for almost two weeks now. Does anyone know where operate432 aka Shadow is? Just trying to find him. Yes I know, this is kinda stupid, but it would be nice to know what my first fan is up to. Uh, that's all for now folks ... Oh wait, no it isn't. Welcome to comic review expert Rokk Krinn, who just started following less than a week ago. Nice to have you on board! Check out Rokk's awesome high-quality comic blog at:

See you soon for more of Fanbot's quality reviews, here at Big Small Comix!

Posted by Fanbot at 10:01 pm, SATURDAY 5 December


  1. I just want you to know I follow your blog but I don't have my own blog so can't y'know, actually follow it. Iread it regularly since you did the Blastosauraus reviews and I'm slowly beginning to understand Transformers.

  2. sorry bigsmallcomics. It's just that I take some time off comics. I'm currentlly playing my xbox games which is why I'm not on the Internet as often as I usually am.

  3. Also If you want to find me you can click on my profile and on my blog war of brutality I'm usually there quite a lot.

  4. Oh, so u an Xbox man then. Good for you.

    And nice to hear you read BSC anonymous.


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