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OK. I'm sorry. I really haven't done enough on this blog. I promise I'll make an effort to do as as much as I can without inconveniencing certain people. But anyway. Here's my first attempt at an unbiased, general-comics-fan-approach review for IDW's Transformers #3...

SYNOPSIS: In an old army hangar, Jetfire whines about a headache. Hot Rod comes in and reveals he's changed his mind about getting off Earth ASAP, instead wanting to get all the Autobots in human custody out as well. He shows JF their new Decepticon comrades, saying there are no sides anymore. Meanwhile at Autobase, Ultra Magnus explains to the bots he's here to investigate what they've been up to. Bumblebee explains the situation, from which Magnus somehow discerns that Ironhide has died. The scene cuts to Skywatch HQ, where Spike tries to talk to Optimus. Spike wants to make things easier for him but Optimus just accepts his fate and broods. Spike's colleague asks why he's doing this and Spike says he's trying to have something to give his dad when he arrives. Back at Autobase, Magnus investigates the events on Earth as if it was a crime scene. He thinks that Bee might not be a capable leader, especially when more Autobots - Hoist, Tracks, Beachcomber and Blurr - leave. Magnus leaves to find Hot Rod. Back in Hot Rod's group, Jetfire says he can't build things, to which Roddy replies that he isn't building, just disassembling. Also, Red Alert and Mirage aren't too keen on their new Con comrades. At Skywatch, Spike has detected Blurr's group and sends guys to capture them. Blurr thinks his friends are slow when a Skywatch mine blows him up. Hoist, Beachcomber and Tracks are quickly subdued by Skywatch, but Blurr runs away, breaking the sound barrier. The others are brought back to Skywatch where Spike asks Prime again if he wants to talk.

THE ART: I have to say that I was dubious of Don's new art style at first. But he seems to have made it a bit better -  the radiator grille teeth are gone, thank Primus. And the artwork is once again takin on the stunning, oh-my-god factor that he used to have. The bots are wonderfully drawn, and though the faces all look the same (which is very annoying since it can confuse less educated readers) the expressions are realistic and cool - Swindle's expression on page 15 is priceless! Don continues to give distinctive and cool redesigns to some obscure generic bots from the G1 cartoon - as well as giving Magnus a sweet-looking altmode reminiscient of his original car carrier mode - which further demonstrates his artistic cred. James Brown continues to deliver highly detailed, expertly rendered colors that complement Don's art very nicely.

THE STORY: Mike Costa does an overall great job on scripting for this series, putting our bots in different situations  that make them react differently than we'd think - but at the same time acting relatively in keeping with their original 1984 cartoon personalities. He also gives some obscure characters that don't get a lot of pagetime some spotlight, Huffer (depresed little truck), Seaspray and Hoist among others. But unfortunately some holes show in his story. We're told why Magnus has come to Earth but the reasoning is dubious since he couldn't have known anything about the events previously and he hadn't done anything about the other Autobots' antics in Infiltration-Devastation. This is slightly confusing. Roddy, also, seems to be very aimless in his motivations. He is trying to get off Earth which is understandable but now has changed tack on a whim (Prowl would have loooved that) and wants to get the captured Autobots from Skywatch - which he wanted to in issue 1 and forgot about in issue 2.  But overall the dialogue and action is well-paced (the little scene with Swindle trying to cuddle up to Mirage is funny. So, this issue's results are:

Written by MIKE COSTA
Covers by Figueroa, ANDREW WILDMAN

ART RATING: 9 out of 10
STORY RATING: 8 out of 10
OVERALL RATING: 8.5 out of 10

VERDICT: An enjoyable though slightly boring issue where not much happens. Don's artwork continues to amaze and has regained it oh-my-god factor. Costa continues to cameo obscure characters which should keep the geewunners happy for a couple days at least. A well-executed issue overall.Next month: Thundercracker returns! Ooooooooh! Rated 8.5 out of 10.

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