Wednesday, 29 July 2009

BLASTOSAURUS: Slugs (part 2) review

Finally, I present to you the second part of Richard Fairgray's Blastosaurus: Slugs comic! This arc is the last that Fairgray published under his own comic company "Square Planet" before moving to American Original Press. Here goes...

The Good: As I said before, Richard really steps up his art and story at this point (by the way, reviews of the previous issues being re-released under AOP will be appearing on blog very soon). His basic, black-and-white art just seems to fit the story perfectly. The story is intriguing and makes you want to read on, without being to full on - lots of jokes and humor in this one folks. Richard and Terry's characters are cool - Washed up noir filmstar Mickey Finn takes the mickey out of those corny noir TV shows from the 70's, and it's really funny.

The Bad: In this issue Blastosaurus seems to be always grumpy and impatient - though he was hassled all the way by Commissioner Harris and by low-IQ comic geeks at the convention. But why can't he just be a bit happier about this stuff - he's a great user of puns, those could cheer him up. But it does get better next issue.

The Ugly: No uglies have been identified in this comic. Good on you Richard! (Though to be fair, Richard has never made any noticeable errors for the whole course of the series.)

Overall, I'm rating Blastosaurus: Slugs (Part 2) at 9/10. Great job on this one. Part 3 will be reviewed within the week, so watch this space for it. Oh, and great news; Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan) has been named as the cover artist for the AOP editions of Blastosaurus! Mega cool! And check out the new Fan Fiction section  (Emry Kereru) on

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  1. Good for ur dad. why do he like them?

  2. I have no idea. hey says it brings back the old times.

  3. Have you read Fairgray's earlier work? It's very different from this but has the same sense of humour.

  4. Have not read any of his earlier stuff but have herd great tings about them especially Wilhelm Scream and Falling Leaves


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