Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I'm baack! And with AHM #13 review

Welcome back readers! Sorry for not blogging for SO long - problems with internet connection. Anyway, to launch back into it - a new review! This articles covers The Transformers: All Hail Megatron (Coda) #13!

The Good: this issue is an absolute gem. Containing two 11-page stories - "Old Ways", written by uber-scribe Simon Furman, art by fan-favourite Don Figueroa; and "Uneasy Lies the Head", written by Mike Costa, art by Chee Yang Ong. 
The art is possibly the best I've seen in a Transformers comic for a long time. Some juicy little plot points that tantalise and intrigue, and all the art is great - Don Figueroa's realistic new style, Chee's shadowy inks - by Primus, it's all too much for me. And the stories are well-done as well - Mike Costa's dialogue really delivers (sorry Simon, but you've been doing it for years).

The Bad: on the whole, I'm pretty happy with this, but Chee's artwork, though very cool, isn't that realistic - this isn't a surprise, as he hasn't done any work on this title before. Just a small gripe. And also, Simon's story is kind of a bit cut short in the end - we know Optimus and Irohide survive, 
but what happened? Maybe it would have been better to just have 32 pages of no ads, and 16 pages each way. Yeah, that'd be great.

The Ugly: no real errors that I can see, but in "Old Ways" the story kinda contradicts Ironhide's opinion of Optimus that is seen in Shane McCarthy's All Hail Megatron - in this story Ironhide says he hated Optimus, while in AHM he said he would have died for him, "even back then." And Optimus seems to not recognise Ironhide, even though they were in the same unit together in Spotlight: Blurr.

Overall, I'm rating All Hail Megatron #13 at 9/10. This one is the best I've seen for ages, and I can't wait for the next issue. Woohoo!

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  1. I just got that issue, It was the best one, I've seen for ages.

  2. like the retro cover.... the need to do more of them..

  3. trev Hutchison's covers are the bomb man, and the black one for AHM #15 with PERCEPTOR rocks. Yes you're right they do need to do more. This one really needs to be the benchmark for all their titles. Thank Primus Don's coming back to do the ongoing series - woohoo!!


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