Tuesday, 28 July 2009

He's big, he's bad, he's METROPLEX!

Now this review comes a bit late, because the comic came out almost a month ago, but what the heck. Oh, before I launch into this review - my reviews have a new format with three sections; The Good (what I like about the comic), The Bad (what I don't like), and The Ugly (any mistakes or screw-ups made within the comic). Anyway, here goes...

The Good: The style of this comic is really, really awesome. Andy Schmidt wrote this so that all the artwork is double-page spreads, to emphasize the immense scale of its focal character. And it works really well. The artwork (Marcelo Matere, with colors by Priscilla Tramontano) is a lot more well set-out when i has extra space to spread out. And the two-page shot of Metroplex absolutely PWNING Sixshot is just frickin' awesome. Priscilla's colors, seen previously in Spotlight: Jazz are great, and complement Marcelo's artwork perfectly. The new designs for Metroplex's robot mode are uber-cool, and I feel honored to read such a prestigious, well-done comic.

The Bad: OK, so I haven't really got a lot of bad in this comic. But here's the only one; Marcelo's line work is somewhat rough  and hurried-looking, though that might just be his style. But is seems that he could have done the inking better.  Oh, and the part at the end with Sixshot is a bit annoying. That is all.

The Ugly: Just a few mistakes in this issue - precious little, the team have done so well. The cover B (by Guido Guidi, shown above) extremely exaggerates Metroplex's size - he's big, but not THAT big. Oh, and there's a small writing error on page 4 - Goldbug calls Chase Freeway. Not sure if this is a fault of Chris Mowry (letterer) or of Andy Schmidt (writer). Nothing else.

Overall, I'll rate Spotlight: Metroplex at 8/10. Great art, great writing, great everything (now if only we could get this level of prestige in the main titles as well...). I love it. Go figure. and by the way, if you who reads my blog is not interested, then please comment and tell me so. I'm all ears.

Posted by Fantom at 5:05 pm, TUESDAY 28 July


  1. Woah, Metroplex is slagging Decepticreeps.

  2. i know man, its sooo cool. And the fact that he's slagging frickin' SIXSHOT makes him even more awesome.

  3. Yes Sixshot is in there - go buy the comic and all shall make sense. Get the wraparound one by Matere, is way better


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