Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Richard Fairgray hits the big time!

For all of those out there who like the NZ comic Blastosaurus, I have some great news. I already told you about how Blastosaurus was being picked up by Jeff Katz (Top Cow). Well, now the comics are actually gonna be released under the American Original Press company name. They will distributed worldwide (USA included), so now all you Americans can enjoy Blastosaurus without having to order online. The next arc to be released will be called Hardcore. Richard and co-writer Terry Jones are still scripting, Richard is still drawing the title, but apparently others will be providing covers for the issues (Richard himself said that it was annoying and time-consuming doing a good-quality cover). So keep a lookout for Blastoaurus - coming to a comic shop near you in the near future. Personally, I can't wait. Go figure.

Posted by Fantom at 4:21 pm, WEDNESDAY 1 July


  1. I think Blastoaurus is an okay comic.

  2. Good for you shadowsokore28135. I think this little series is a gem. And they will all be re-released (from issue 1) under American Original Press very soon. Sorry for not blogging for so long, articles coming up.


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