Saturday, 1 August 2009

Blastosaurus: Slugs (Part 3) review

And so it ends ... well, at least until American Original have finished releasing the first 13 issues of Blastosaurus. This issue is the last published independently by Richard Fairgray's Square Planet comics company (of Square Planet Films). This one'll be the last for a while, but as soon as the first issues start comig out I'll have reviews up here for all youse to peruse (lol ryhming).

The Good: I think this is the greatest issue of Blasto so far. The art seems to have stepped up yet another notch, and the story grips you and makes you want for more. There's quite few plot points that I just did not see coming - this is a good thing as comics should keep you guessing. And Fairgray's cover is pain awesome - references to GI Joe, Transformers, tacky A Team ripoffs and a blue Blasto beign held by Richard that looks uncannily like the blue guy ("Smurf") from Alan Moore's Watchmen. This is something I would expect from Richard though; Blastosaurus is a tribute to the indie culture of the nineties, and this cover just seems to fit the bill (even though I know bugger-all about indie stuff).

The Bad: Honestly, there is nothing worth mentioning that I think is wrong with this issue. I just love it soo much, I can't think of any downsides (now if only life could be like this...). Woohoo!

The Ugly: This issue is perhaps the most mistake-riddled of all 13 issues, though that ain't saying much in the context. Page 1, panel one - "people" is misspelled "peopl". Page 3, panel one - "guys" is misspelled "guy". And finallty; page 7, top - the labels for the page are showing (Blastosaurus 13 07 RF). See? All the mistakes for this issue are insignificant typos and errors. Woohoo for Fairgray!

Overall, Blastosaurus #13 comes in at 9/10. This issue is abso-fricking-lutley awsome. I'm a tad pissed off that I'm gonna have to wait 13 months for the next new arc (called HARDCORE) to come out. Bummer. But never mind. And look out for Blastosaurus #1, coming to a comic store near you in the near future. I don't know exactly when. Check out for more info.

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