Saturday, 22 August 2009

Movie review - G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA!

Saw GI Joe movie on Thursday. Couldn't get on the net cause of difficulties. Finally I can blog about it. This based on another of Transformers creator company Hasbro's extremely successful toylines from the 80's - one that, like TF, has carried its success through to the 21st century (it came out just before the launch of the Transformers TV show). I've built up a lot of anticipation for this movie. Let's see how it shapes up to Fanbot's expectations...

The Good: Wow. I absolutely loved this movie. It is in every way a MILLION TIMES cooler that Transformers 2 (for six ways GI Joe beats the crap out of ROTF, click here). Bloody hell. Where do I start? Well, firstly, the story is fricking visceral. I was gripped, amused, shocked and surprised at every turn. The story was unexpected; I thought it would be all "origin of GI Joe, team gets together", but no. The fully formed team shows up less than half an hour into the film, and bloody hell have they done it well. Film shots very very cool, and all those explosions just made me giddy with pyromaniacal joy. Although I never read a GI Joe comic in my life, I know enough about the basic story to know when the film is doing allusions to the comic (published currently by IDW, who coincidentally do TF as well), and when those allusions came I just thought, "You clever clever bastards. Nice work." Oh, and Rachel Nichols (plays Scarlett) is way hotter than Megan Fox. No contest (That's saying saying a lot).

The Bad: None of the bads listed within this section ruin my GI Joe movie experience at all, but they are there nonetheless. One, it is so fricking LOUD! In every action sequence, I'm bombarded by a wall of explosive sound. Holy crap, I think. Am I gonna go deaf or what? (seriously, I actually considered this at one point). But in some ways this sound was a good thing. So bad that it has crossed the barrier into negative badness and become totally awesome. So, the sound for me is annoying and awesome at the same time. Go figure. Oh, and one more thing - why the hell does Snake Eyes have a mouth. It kinda ruins his costume. I mean, a suit with moulded face? No no no! The whole point of his costume is to dehumanize him isn't it - make him seem more like a cold killer machine. But anyway, no biggie.

The Ugly: What do you mean, "The Ugly"? There are no mistakes in this movie. GI Joe has perfect record. ROTF, on the other hand, is riddled with errors - see here for TF Wiki's full list of Bay screw-ups.

Verdict: Best movie of the year by a long long shot. I just know that they're gonna make a sequel to this one - or at least I hope so. Steve Sommers, Fanbot demands you start filming GI Joe 2 at once! Pretty please. But anyways ... great job, loved it. Rated 9.5 out of 10.

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