Sunday, 30 August 2009

Title tryout - G.I Joe #4 review

Creative team:
STORY Chuck Dixon
ART Robert Atkins
COLORS Andrew Crossley

Having seen the GI Joe movie a couple weeks ago, I thought I'd try out the comics to see if it was  a franchise worth getting into. But my tardiness of coming in came at a price of being presently unable to acquire the first three issues of GI Joe. So for the time being, I'll have to make do with issue 4. Here's what IDW says about events prior to this one; "The Pit [GI Joe HQ] is under attack! An unknown enemy has infiltrated the super secret facility with half a dozen killer machines and an epic battle erupts. Command and Control are down and the Joes are hurting. Though Duke and the rest have gained the upper hand, one of the machines is trying to reach the surface, to transmit the Pit's location to Destro!" But anyway, onto the review ...

The Good: Firstly, the art for this issue is absolutely stunning. Robert Atkins, you rock. Clean, realistic lines with very adequate colors from Andrew Crossley combine into a smooth, controled (this is a good thing) look to the artwork. Awesome. And Dave Johnson's cover (pictured) is very cool. Love the symbolism, love it all. The story is simple yet quite satisfying, with good pace and a killer cliffhanger at the end with Duke and co. driving through their own minefield. Scarlett looks great (I'm single, what're you gonna do) and everything seems in order. All in all a well-done issue. Good job.

The Bad: OK, so it's only the fourth issue, so I ain't seen enough to discern what the quality of this stuff is. But there doesn't seem to be much to the plot. Very simple as I said in the previous section ... maybe a bit too simple. But I only got this one so I can't talk about it until I read everything else. Also, Scarlett looks a bit weird in glasses. She shouldn't be wearing glasses, makes her look like a total nerd! That is all.

The Ugly: N/A.

Verdict: Cool comic! Definitely investing in this series. Atkins' great artwork is the highlight of the issue. Rated 8 out of 10.

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