Saturday, 5 September 2009

Fanbot's Reflections: more TF ongoing covers

Sorry this is a bit late. But as with all my late posts, this is a very important piece of news. Yesterday, RyallTime was updated with covers for the second issue of IDW's ongoing Transformers series (original article here). This has been highly anticipated by many TF fans, me included, and I am just blown away from the biblical flood of comments that have flooded into this topic - 33 comments on Ryall's article last count). Many people have been complaining about Don's new style. Frankly, you are all a bunch of GEEWUNNers. By the Matrix, stop complaining. In the words of David W who commented on RyallTime, "...please, grow a set." Well said. But anyway, here's my thoughts on the new covers...

First up is CVR A, art by Don Figueroa with colors by James Brown:

Don, you are awesome man. This cover is great. Simple colors that nevertheless complement Don's lines well. But speaking of lines ... his movieverse style. This cover is a prime example of him overdoing the movieverse styling. Still cool, but it is quite annoying to look at. Also, Red Alert (first appearance in the IDWverse) looks like he's wearing a space helmet with the targeting sight. And last of all; WTF is up with Rodimus' design. In the first cover he has his old IDW Dodge design, but now it seems he's reverted back to his old AHM/Sunbow altmode. WTF?

Verdict: Awesome. No idea why Rodimus keeps changing altmodes though. But job well done all round, good lines + good colors = 8.5 out of 10.

Next up is the variant cover (one of six done for the first ongoing arc), art and colors by Andrew Wildman:

I have never really seen Wildman's artwork for a G1 issue - only his movieverse prequel stuff. But hell is he a good drawer when it comes to G1 (I know that he did work on the Marvel US comic in its final days). Art style is very cool and rough-looking, and his colors are very good - although his non-yellows are a bit too blue for my taste. Very well done Andrew.

Verdict: Amazing job done. Really want to get this one, but I can only get the A where I come from. Damn. Ah well. Rated 9 out of 10.

Looking forward to seeing these awesome covers hit the stores in December. Happy reading TF fans!

Posted by Fanbot at 3:49 pm, SATURDAY 5 September

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