Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Trev Hutchison has Last Stand of the Wreckers "covered"

As we all know, Trev Hutchison did variant covers for the highly controversial Transformers series All Hail Megatron. By Primus, his propaganda styling was just slagging AWESOME. I'm hitting myself repeatedly for not getting AHM in his covers. No it seems he's jumped back on the TF bandwagon with the all-Nick Roche miniseries Last Stand of the Wreckers. Boy, I love this one. Perhaps not as symbolic as some of his previous covers, but amazingly done nonetheless. A bit of a militaristic color scheme seems to be present (this links into the Wreckers' purpose and status among the Autobots)). Can't wait for this one to come out in January 2010. Don't miss it! And also, here's some cropped interior images from the first issue:

Enjoy! Go to Trev's deviantart page to keep updated on this at trevhutch.deviantart.com. See ya!!

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