Saturday, 12 September 2009

All Hail Megatron #15 preview - Nick Roche is awesome! was updated very recently with a five page preview of All Hail Megatron #15. The first story is written and drawn by Nick Roche, and details Kup's rehabilitation after the events of Spotlight: Kup, and this is what the five page preview entails. And by the five page preview's taste of what is to come, it looks as if we will finally discover the nature of Kup's "cigar" (that is not actually a cigar). Now Nick is an awesomely brilliant artist - this is the first cover in the AHM Coda that is more awesome than Trevor Hutchison's RI (that's saying a lot). But that ain't all this Irishman can do. We've only ever seen him write one story, but that one story seems yo make him a pretty awesome writer as well. This taste here is very well-written, but we'll have to read the rest (and read the Last Stand of the Wreckers mini he's doing on his own). Personally I can't wait. Here's the pages for your viewing pleasure (oh Primus, that sounds like an airplane in-flight announcement doesn't it) ...

These are just slagging awesome. I can't wait. AHM #15 comes out on September 16. Don't miss it!

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