Sunday, 6 September 2009

Review - Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder #3

Creative team:
STORY  Mike Mignola
ART  Ben Stenbeck
COLORS  Dave Stewart

It is somewhat ironic that today, on this most holy of days, it is with great pleasure and irony that I present a comic from the creators of the greatest paranormal horror title in comic history. This is Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder #3, a miniseries spinning out of the Hellboy universe, going under Fanbot's reviewing microscope. Let us begin ...

The Good: Oh yeah. This series is really getting interesting now. Mike Mignola and NZer Ben Stenbeck have done an awesome job on this issue as always. Mike delivers a good expository towards the end, in which we finally discover the origins of the blood-sucking monster that has been terrorizing 1879 London for the last two issues. Ben Stenbeck's artwork cranks up a notch - we finally get a horrendous dose of good ol' Hellboy-esque GORE. The first four pages have so much red in them, 8.5 on the gore scale. This is good. This is very good indeed. I love a bit of gore (well actually a lot) in my comics - Transformers G2 a prime example. Dave Stewart, Eisner-award-winning colorist extraordinaire, how could I forget. His colors are just amazing, they complement the artwork perfectly. He is the king of flat coloring. I love him (in an admiring way).

The Bad: OK ... well, I actually am pretty satisfied with Witchfinder #3. But then again I'm easily pleased. The only gripe I have is that the story, although greatly done, isn't seeming to be going anywhere fast. Dark Horse said that Mike would be really slow with the pay off for this series, but how slow? This by the way is a very minor thing. I still love the comic, don't get me wrong.

The Ugly: one solitary typo in this comic. On page 14 (in context at least), "sun" seems to be misspelled "nun". And another thing, not so much an error as an inconsistency; in the first four pages, the monster is bright red. In all its other sightings it has been a dark greyish green color. This may be because it's one of those animals that changes its skin color according to mood - and the monster was mightily pissed off at the humans. Or it may not. Who knows?

Verdict: Very very satisfying to read. The consistent creative team have done extremely well. I applaud them. Rated 9.5 out of 10.

Posted by Fanbot at 12:43 pm, SUNDAY 6 September

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