Sunday, 20 September 2009

Transformers ongoing update! Mike Costa CBR interview

Comic Book Resources just had a quick interview with Mike Costa, writer for the highly anticipated Transformers ongoing series starting in November. While most of it was nothing we haven't heard before from other sources, Mike went a little bit more in-depth as to what the first arc was to be about;

When the new series opens, three years have passed since the end of “All Hail Megatron.” “We wanted to give the Earth time to rebuild and set up a new status quo,” Costa said, adding that details from the three-year gap would emerge as the series progresses, as well as through miniseries set during this period. “Megatron and most of the Decepticons are still gone, and the Autobots are still on Earth, but that puts them in an awkward spot. See, most people don't care to differentiate between 'good giant robots' and 'bad giant robots.' All they saw were giant robots that almost totally destroyed the planet. So we begin our series with the Autobots in hiding... in disguise, if you will.”

There. That's quite interesting is it not? Can't wait for Transformers #1 to hit stores. And speaking of issue 1, the article on CBR also came with some artwork from the first issue (I think). The first is shown above, and I really hope this is a cover and not just a litho thingy. Look at all those great characters; Devastator, Grimlock and the Dy(i)nobots, Ratchet fighting Thundercracker - who seems to be back to his -ations F-22 altmode and body - Ratbat, Astrotrain, Kup, and what looks like Abominus (the gestalt on the right, maybe he's the Seacon combiner or something). And also two pages were provided, as seen below:

These are just awesome. I think James Brown is coloring, and I also think he has done a great job. So why the SLAG did he do such a crappy job on All Hail Megatron #12? But anyway ... the first page, on the left, seems to be illustrating the three years' rebuilding the humans go through before the series kicks off. Apparently, several miniseries in the near future wil show us what happened in these three years. Here's the link to the original article for the full goss:

Looking forward to November. WOOHOOOOO!!!

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