Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Transformers Continuum update! Andy Schmidt overview + Don Figueroa art

OK, so I don't actually know how old this news is, but I think it's pretty important anyways. USA Today recently interviewed TF editor Andy Schmidt on the 32-page, no-ad (woohoo!) comic he wrote. This is all old hat, but the important thing is that the article came with piccies of Don Figueroa's controversially drawn Transformers. Personally, In Bumblebee's case he has crossed a line. 'Bee now looks like a G1-ified version of his movieverse counterpart. He ain't a Beetle anymore! That was the best thing about IDW 'Bee - he was a VW Bug.  But anyway, you should check out the article and see for yourself:

OK, you go do that. Also, here's Don's designs for Optimus below; 

And it's actually quite cool, the shininess being one reason. Pity Prime will probably be beaten up by the end of the first arc. The G1-ness of Prime hasn't been totally omitted so he actually looks really awesome. Look out for Transformers: Continuum, out in November 2009. Don't miss it!

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  1. Slag, would someone please comment? Even just to let me know you are actually still reading my blog. Or do you not love me?

  2. love the artwork from Don Figueroa... its very cool...

  3. Too right. Not sure about Bee's design tho.


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