Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Ads ads ads and more ads

I know that they're needed for promotion, but still, I hate them. What am I talking about? Ads, of course. I hate the things: in DC and Marvel they're sprinkled throughout the issues which really pisses me off because it breaks the story up and confuses the reader. In IDW (Transformers, Star Trek, GI Joe) they still have the ads, but the dreaded things are mercifully placed together at the back of each comic, which is easier to read. And sometimes, with some publishers, not looking at anyone in particular (coughDCcoughcoughMarvelcough) the ads are completely unrelated to the publisher, as opposed to ads for other titles published by the company. Those of you who want to be reminded of the presence of big brands such as Coca-Cola as you peruse your fave comic title, please raise your hand and comment on this article.
Ads are a scourge. Down with the advertisements in comics!

Posted by Fantom at 4:55 pm,  TUESDAY 16 June

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