Saturday, 13 June 2009

The (Almost) Blind Comic Artist from New Zealand

A friend over in New Zealand got me onto a cool comic series called Blastosaurus. It's written and drawn by a man called Richard Fairgray, who is legally blind. But the comics are a laugh. It's one of the most simplest and basic concepts, but this guy has made it his own. The concept is ... wait for it ... a mutant dinosaur (Triceratops) with a laser gun from the future, who has four twelve-year-olds for friends. Awesome.
The first story arc sets the scene of Blastosaurus's origins and his nemeses, and by the third arc, currently being released, Blasto is a cop working to destroy his foes that plague his new home. For anyone who wishes to look further into this, here is the link to Fairgray's awesome website:

It's a fun little comic, worth reading for those want a break from the antics of DC and Marvel metahumans.


  1. love it.... going to check this one out... thanks dude

  2. No probs dude. This series is a little gem. Good things come from small places.

  3. Hey dude, if you're still looking at this blog there will be reviews of Blastosaurus coming on pretty soon, so check 'em out...


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