Sunday, 14 June 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adaptation - a quick review

Anyone who claims to be a TFormers fan will be jumping around and doing a little wee in their pants about the upcoming movie that's being released this month. IDW, in their infinite generosity and wisdom, have provided those of the TFormers fandom who love ruining the movie experience for themselves with a 4 part comic adaptation, adapted by long-time Transformers uber-writer SIMON FURMAN (Whoop whoop!!) with John Davis-Hont on art duties.
Without giving anything plot-wise away, the comics are relatively well-written, with clean, uncomplicated panels that don't give you epilepsy just by trying to read them. While the colouring is nothing special, it serves its purpose. The covers, done by Josh Nizzi, are amazing in the quality. But, although Simon Furman wrote well on this series, I can't help but feel as if some potentially awesome scenes are cut short to sqeeze into the somewhat-limiting 22 pages per comic. Which is kinda sad cos' of the growing amounts of ads in comics today. But at least IDW's ads are are their own and all at the back, which is more than what Marvel and DC does (having random ads breaking a comic up in the middle is really, really annoying...) ... but don't get me started on ads.
Overall, I rate the ROTF Adaptation at 7.5/10. And although it's a bit condensed, Simon and John have mostly made this series work. You go guys!
And if, by chance, you are like me in the respect that you like to ruin stories for yourself, then you can view synopses of the comics at ; just type in "ROTF Comic Adaptation" into the search bar. Be warned; there are definite and extreme spoilers in store if you go down this path, so choose wisely.

More reviews on these and other comic titles to come...

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