Monday, 15 June 2009

Fire Away! Brisingr book review

This bestseller book is written by Chris Paolini, who left school at 15 to work on this series. Brisingr is the  third in the Inheritance Cycle, and things are getting even more awesome than the previous two books.
Brisingr continues where the last book, Eldest, left off. Eragon and his dragon Saphira find themselves caught up with promises to different allies; promises that may not be able to be kept.

Review: I really enjoyed this book. Though the story can be at times drawn out, this is to be expected from a long fantasy epic. It is in Brisingr that plots and subplots from the first two books begin to resurface, which is awesome to watch the development of these. The story is gripping and makes you want more. You'll be be tempted to read ahead if you read it, but don't ruin it for yourself. 
The characters: Eragon and Saphira have shared a close mental bond, but in this book they be-come one with each other in a way. The bond is so close that they actually speak as one, alternating between each other when speaking. Both make mistakes and offend the other, but all is forgiven before long. Saphira's characterization is deepened, showing the way she think and feels (she uses hyphenated word strings a lot: "blue-black-wolf-fur-Blodgharm") really well. Eragon grows into his roles as diplomat and magician.

Overall, I rate Brisingr at 9/10. This book is one of the most awesome and well-written fantasy novels I have ever read. But it takes commitment to read - at 763 pages, it'll take a good week for even the fastest reader. But hey, it's worth it.

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