Friday, 26 June 2009

Blastosaurus: Slugs (Part 1) review

As I mentioned in earlier posts, this comic is done by the blind comic artist from New Zealand, Richard Fairgray. This first issue of a 3-part story arc (out this month) represents a new direction and style for Fairgray. He said that the first several issues were not his best work, and slightly rushed. After Richard got about 4 months ahead of schedule, it was then that he really started to deepen his writing. This is demonstrated all throughout this issue.
Here's how describes the arc: "A washed up TV detective who has trouble separating from his cancelled show, a celebrity sex tape in the wrong hands and four kids lost in a comic convention. Blastosaurus is trying to avoid going (to the comic convention) but all these things seem to be forcing him into it."
The art for Slugs is less shadowy than that of the previous two arcs, and is a lot easier to look at. It is well set out and looks great. Fantasies are clearly shown with grey marker colored panels. It's really cool. As for plot, I'm a little disappointed with it. Though the story was great and I liked it, it seemed quite light-hearted compared to previous material. It seems to focus more on the kids than on Blastosaurus, which is a change. But it's better to just watch the story unfold, so I won't say anymore yet. And I have to admit, it's hilarious watching the horrendously geeky antics of both the four kids and the other attendees of the comic convention (Hero-con) that this issue is set in. Having never been to a comic convention myself (Curses! Curses!) I'm hoping that it's actually like this. The sheer small-timeness of the comic sellers, the dodgy movie stars and the morally ambiguous security guards all culminate into an overall pretty good issue.

Overall, Blastosaurus: Slugs #1 is rated by me at 8/1o. Bit of a disappointment in some ways, but mostly I think it's a great one. If you want to buy it, go to and click on the CONTACT US link.

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