Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Ghost Who Walks Rides Again

[Above:  the cover for Moonstone Publishing's Phantom: Ghost Who Walks #1.]

For those of us who don't know of the Ghost Who Walks (and still pretend to be superhero fans, the hypocrites), he is the Phantom - one of the first heroes to wear that skin-tight, full-body suit that epitomises superheroes today. He started out in the mid 1930's and has been appearing in comics ever since, right up to this very day. This makes him one of the common ancestor of pretty much every superhero, past and present.
Though the Phantom is no more than a man, he is still superior to Superman, Batman, and the rest of the comic hero posse. He doesn't rely on superpowers like Supes, and is better than Bats because, unlike Bats, he has no real "secret identity" - the Phantom is who he was born to be.
Although King Features still publishes new Phantom material, Moonstone Publishing has picked up the mantle as well. Two series are currently in progress; "Ghost who Walks" which tells the story of the newest Phantom in the modern age; and "Generations" which chronicles the previous Phantoms - all 20 of them, to be precise. Generations is mainly text with full-page illustrations, and Ghost Who Walks is normal comic format. The story is good, but seems ever so slightly predictable. There's no real suspense to them - although I still await the new release every month. And it is quite cool how the Phantom is set up with state-of-the-art tech and one of the best hackers in the world as his partner (of sorts). Wanna check Phantom out? Go to for further details.

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