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OK, this page has just fricking EXPLODED onto pretty much every Transformers fansite there is since RyallTime and CBR gave it to us. Caused a hell of a lot of controversy I can tell you. Here's my view on this:

1: Ironhide getting killed off in the first fragging issue?! Woah, Costa, back up the spaceship a moment. Are you serious or are just going DC on us? Even the dreaded Aussie Shane McCarthy wasn't this blatant. As a man called Goldstein once said (NZ bank ad character), "The world really has changed."
2: What the slag is up with the speech bubbles? They look normal, no differentiation between the bots and the humans. Chris Mowry, Neil Uyetake, Robbie Robbins, whoever - what are you thinking? How are we supposed to tell the difference?
3: What do you think of Don's expressions and faces for the Transformers? For me, they scream three dreaded syllables: DULL. SURPRISE. Nooooo!!

In a Comic Book Resources article, IDW editor Andy Scmidt said on the TF's current situation:

"Transformers" #1, written by Mike Costa with art by Don Figueroa, picks up three years after the events of the recently concluded "All Hail Megatron" maxi-series. Most of the Decepticons have left Earth, Megatron is believed dead, and onetime Autobot ally, Spike Witwicky, is hunting all Transformers, good and evil alike, for the government. His attitude reflects the sentiment of most humans, who watched as a war between robots ravaged the planet. Optimus Prime and his crew live in hiding, but they can't hide forever."

He went on to say, essentially, that Ironhide's death was a sort of spring board from which the events of the series spiral out from. This makes killing off Ironhide understandable, but still very dangerous and almost inexcusable. I think that Costa is treading on thin, thin ice. And we don't even know whose idea it was in the first place to kill Ironhide off (Schmidt said he forgot) so we can't legally lynch them, dammit! Maybe we should just prosecute Costa anyway. he's the writer, it must be his fault. Anyway, if you happen to stumble across this site then please comment and tell me what you think of these controverises. See you very soon (Remember Transformers #1 comes out on November 21, and my original article on the preview is viewable here).

The world has changed. And as with all things in this universe we read of, "It never ends."

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