Wednesday, 18 November 2009

TF covers for February 2010

AWWWWESOME!!! Jubilation! In another spur of advance grace, IDW has gifted to the Transfans Andrew Wildman's variant cover for Transformers #4 and Trev Hutchison's variant cover for Last Stand of the Wreckers #2! BTW Thundercracker's appearance on this means that he survived getting blasted by Skywarp back in AHM #12. Also, Trev Hutchison pwns all with his cover! So cool that words are not worthy to describe it. Only grunts of surprise; "Guh..." and such.

Oh, and to refresh your memory, the covers for Transformers #3 and Last Stand of the Wreckers are viewable here and here respectively. See you next time!

Posted by Fanbot at 4:19 pm, WEDNESDAY 18 October


  1. I think wreckers were a good addition to the transformers storyline, oh by the way I changed my username!

  2. Yes I know. Never knew you were bionicle fan. Me too!

    Yes Wreckers gonna be awesome. Same principle as Stormbringer only cooler!

  3. Whoah, I never knew you were 15. Me close...


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