Sunday, 8 November 2009

Transformers: Continuum preview

Mine fellow Transformers fans. These next few months (Nov to Jan) will be the most revolutionary, shocking and jam-packed (not to mention expensive) of our fan lives. And now IDW has granted us a peek of the 80+ comics-encompassing one shot, Transformers: Continuum. Though we are given nothing of newcomer Ken Christensen's art, there's some nice panels from past issues (Megatron Origin, Stormbringer, and Spotlight: Blurr among others). Here's the five pages below:


Cool, eh? Look out for this promising one shot in a comic store near you, out in stores almost everywhere on November 18 You do not want to miss this. I ain't.

Posted by Fanbot at 2:21 pm, SUNDAY 8 November

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