Friday, 6 November 2009


And so it begins. Out November 18, IDW's long-awaited ongoing The Transformers series kicks off in an explosive way this month with Ryall providing us with three glorious pages from Don Figueroa. Here's what IDW has to say about the issue, and then the three-page preview below that:

TRANSFORMERS #1: (w: Mike Costa/ a: Don Figueroa) It’s been three years since the devastating events of All Hail Megatron. The Earth has been rebuilt, the AUTOBOTS are in hiding, and the next great era in the TRANSFORMERS saga is about to begin! Critically acclaimed writer Mike Costa is joined by superstar artist Don Figueroa for IDW’s biggest book of the year—the launch of the first ongoing TRANSFORMERS title in five years! This is what fans have been waiting for—you do not want to miss this!

That Mike Costa certainly doesn't piss about when it comes to characters. Just like Simon Furman in some ways (though without all that corny, overused, cliched dialogue). Does anyone have any fragging idea why the TFs are speaking with normal speech bubbles? This could get very confusing. Anyway, the art looks awesome as is usual for Don Figueroa. Don't miss this one!

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