Sunday, 8 November 2009

Witchfinder loses the plot

And so yet another mini series from Mike Mignola comes to an end. But definitely not the end I anticipated from a prolific writer such as Mignola. Read on ...

THE ART: Ben Stenbeck and colors by Dave Stewart. A very high quality standard of work from these two for the issue. The art flows well and is horribly gory, though not in the enormous splashes of blood everywhere kind of way. Everything's more disgusting and has that wince factor; the death throes of the monster and the mental patients bursting their heads open from banging against the cell bars - ewww, it's so icky. Awesome. Dave Stewarts colors, as usual, enhance Ben's lines to great effect, conveying the moods perfectly (namely the nice sepia sequence at the comic's end). Although the art doesn't go into my mark for the comic as a whole, it is still exquisitely done. Mignola's cover just looks fragging beautiful (I've recently seen his Hellboy work, and I now support those who complain of him not drawing Hellboy anymore). Very good use of light and shadowing. But unfortunately ...

THE STORY: Unfortunately, this is where Mignola lets himself down. The story flows well in itself and there are some good fight scenes - not to mention a nice, simple kill of the monster - but the end seems very truncated which makes me wonder if Mignola could have done with another issue to really tie up this series. I was told by Ben Stenbeck at NZ Armageddon that another Witchfinder series was in the works, but the end to this series seems like a rushed attempt to tie up a stand alone mini. Disappointing, but not totally worthless. The issue's front two thirds are written beautifully. It's only the end I hate. So the story is what affects my score for this issue.

VERDICT: a slightly disappointing end to what was all in all an exquisitely done series. But it was still pretty good. Bring on the next series please, Mike! Rated 7.5 out of 10.

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