Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Covers for Transformers ongoing #3

The cover for IDW's all-new Transformers ongoing series just keep rolling in! Just put out into the net are Don Figueroa's and Andrew Wildman's covers for Transformers #3. They look pretty awesome, eh? Also provided for us raving TF fans was the publisher solicitation, shown below:

THE TRANSFORMERS #3: Mike Costa (w) Don Figueroa (a): Hot Rod's desire to get off-planet leads to some desperate measures, Optimus Prime and Spike sit down for an unpleasant conversation, and a new arrival to the Autobot camp comes at their most vulnerable time possible. Costa and Figueroa continue to make history, bringing the Autobots to their (almost) darkest hour.

These are gonna be so awesome. I just can't wait to get these in the flesh. Stay tuned!

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