Saturday, 10 October 2009

Review - Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder #4

I've come to expect a very high standard of comics from ark Horse - they have consistent creative teams that complete a series/arc without outside help, loads of creator-owned titles and a general high degree of workmanship in comics. Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder #4 is no exception. Some perusers of Big Small have little taste for this genre, and that's fine. Not gonna stop me reviewing this though. Anyway.

The Good: Art: NZ (yay!) artist Ben Stenbeck delivers an extremely high standard of artwork. Though he adheres to the shadow-heavy, stylized house style of the Hellboy universe, his own, semi-realistic, smooth lines lend good tone and mood to the issue. Dave Stewart's awesome colors (big dose of gore red in this issue, good to see) complement the artwork perfectly. Dave is just amazing at flat coloring; he shows depth with virtually no gradients or anything other than exquisite flat colors. Story: Mike Mignola writes this, need I say more? The story kicks up a notch; now we know the full potential of the creature, other parties move in on Grey and co. A possible way of defeating the creature is found, and Grey's origins are revealed. The story flows well, good dialogue, and some very believable and real-world characters.

The Bad: No good fight scene with the creature, as has been present in the last three issues? Awww. Um, can't think of anything else, Dark Horse have awesome work quality as I said in the intro.

The Ugly: No uglies identified. Comment if you find any please.

Verdict: A superbly done issue from Mike and Ben as usual. Good story, great art, awesome colors. Well done indeed. Rated 10 out of 10.

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