Saturday, 10 October 2009

Random review - G.I Joe #9

I've been a bit erratic with my GI Joe reviews, on account of financial difficulty forcing me to prioritise my comics purchases. GI Joe unfortunately goes out the window since it goes biweekly soon and I can't take that. But a comic is a comic and I review comics, so that's why this is here. Here goes nothing.

The Good: Art: Adequate for story's needs. Good coloring enhances the mediocre artwork. The story flows quite nicely, with subplots and characters beginning to culminate on each other. Mainframe shows up after his disappearance in Origins #7, and Snake Eyes looks his usual awesome silent ninja self - until he gets knocked out and falls on a hatch, blocking Mainframe's exit. Good use of cliffhanger there. Destro looks awesome and funny at the same time, with his menacing metal body clothed by a red dressing gown and fluffy red slippers. Cool.

The Bad: First off, the artwork, S L Gallant has very feathery, messy-looking inks that don't look very nice on paper. His storytelling could use serious work, lots and lots of white space on pages where none is needed. It was very confusing to read, and frankly ruined the experience for me. The cover was perhaps the highlight of the issue. Atkins was way better (see issue 4's review, here), at least he was on cover duty (not pictured) to haul this comic out of the slums. Next, a grumble about the story's dialogue; Dixon, do you really have to keep on doing Destro's Scottish accent so much? He don't use it when Destro converses with Baroness, so why at all?

The Ugly: No uglies identified.

Verdict: Good story, but S L Gallant's messy artwork let this one down. Big disappointment. Rated 7 out of 10.

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