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Going Backwards - Transformers: All Hail Megatron #4 review

All Hail Megatron #4. Even though this is Going Backwards reviews, we actually get somewhere with issue 4! Two pages of Megs giving a (load of crap) propaganda speech, and then a whole issue of dejected Cybertron-marooned Autobots hiding from something, ending with another Autobot party joining with theirs. Let's jump into the review, and see what lies beneath.

Synopsis:Megatron has not only successfully conquered Earth, but Decepticon teams throughout the Galaxy have finally defeated the Autobot resistance.
On Cybertron, a petulant Ironhide is arguing with Prowl over there being a traitor in their midst, and even winds up punching his superior. Though Jazz calms the situation down, he and Prowl know that without more Energon, Optimus will soon die and that will be the end for them all.
In The Deserted City, Wheeljack and Bumblebee are searching for new Energon sources, but with no luck. They soon realise they are being watched, and use Wheeljack's new distress signal to get around the communication interference on the planet to call for help. Back at their base, Ironhide and Cliffjumper set out, leaving a reluctant Sunstreaker behind to keep an eye on the Autobot he believes betrayed them.
Within their new hiding home on Earth, the late Andy's group of survivors are falling apart without leadership. Sarah confront Bridge and makes him realise he needs to assume the leadership role.
On Cybertron, Ironhide and Cliffjumper take down the watching observer, only to find it's Hot Rod. He and some others were shot down over Cybertron some time ago and have been awaiting rescue - he's so glad someone has received their distress call and come looking for them...

The Good: Art: once again Guido has done an exquisit job on the artwork. The lines are clear with strong bold shapes giving emphasis. His shadowy style complements the grim, despairing tone of the Autobots' situation. Josh uses his coloring prowess to great effect, the gritty, sometimes colorful sometimes dull colors enhancing the comic's mood. His sequence with Wheeljack and Bumblebee on patrol looks awesome. Story: Shane is still going strong with the plot, though a couple discrepancies mar the plot as usual. The storytelling is well-executed. Good job guys.

The Bad: Guido's art has slipped ever so slightly since issue 3. The lines are more grainy and thick, though this only happens in patches. Sunstreaker's head chevrons are the wrong shape, and although they're changed in a coupla issues, they didn't have them like that on the Universe toy. What the slag (Should this go under "The Ugly"?)? uh, nothing else to report.

The Ugly: How come the Autobots are walking around Cybertron as happy as can be when, as of Thunderwing's assault, Cybertron is uninhabitable due to electrical storms that cause stasis lock, and gravity six G's below normal? As of AHM issue 7 it's explained that the planet is all better, but Jetfire said in Stormbringer that Cybertron was healing, "albeit on a cosmic timescale". Kinda convenient that it's all better now. But anyway ... also, in the Autobot group shot on page 8, Mirage and Trailbreaker have a funny perspective thing going on: Mirage's upper body is behind Trailbreaker's, but his feet are in front, and neither of them are turning or twisting any part of themselves to accommodate such positioning.

Verdict: An exquisitely executed issue on all accounts, Guido and Josh being the stars of the team. Second best of the series so far. Rated 9 out of 10.

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