Monday, 12 October 2009

Blastosaurus Halloween Special cover

Just got updated on the Blastosaurus front! Legally blind NZ comic artist Richard Fairgray has released his cover for the "Halloween Special" of indie comic Blastosaurus (pictured above). This comic is a little gem, see my June 2009 archives for more on this or click on the "blastosaurus" label. Anyway, Richard has kicked his artwork up a notch for this one, developed his style a lot. It looks pretty awesome, don't you agree? I don't really know when this is coming out so stay tuned for more info as it happens. Here's what the man himself says on the cover:

"I can't give away much about it except that it has, funny costumes, a serial killer, bleeding children and Commissioner Harris dressed as a bumblebee. The final version will actually look cooler than this one, it'll be on fancy paper and the title will be stamped on so it looks all creepy and a bit like it's written in blood."

Posted by Fanbot at 4:35 pm, MONDAY 12 October


  1. cant wait for this one... please let us know when it will be on sale to the general public

  2. Hello, this is Richard Fairgray here, I'll be selling it at Armageddon and Armageddon alone. It's a REALLY limited print run because each copy has to be hand stamped. If you are really desperate for one and can't make it to the convention then contact me through my website and I might be able to put one aside.

  3. I'll be sure to get me one of those, mate.

  4. hey, what about a review on this one Fanbotty


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