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Going Backwards - Transformers: All Hail Megatron #3 review

By Primus! Three issues into AHM and we've only just started October. This is, as you will no doubt know if you've been paying attention, is the last month before IDW kicks off its ongoing TF series. So I have to shift my arse
or we'll still be halfway through Going Backwards reviews when issue 1 comes out! So read on, for the gospel of Fanbot on All Hail Megatron #3 (BTW: Trev's cover is awesome! Starscream's silhouette looks pretty cool doncha think?).

Synopsis: Within days of the first attack, New York is now completely under the control of the Decepticons. Human survivors huddle in subway stations, but Astrotrain is making his way through them killing all he finds.
Outside the attack area, Colonel Witwicky is told the attacks are spreading to other parts of the country. With the Navy also taken out, he is already desperate when he learns that Air Force One has been shot down in Washington.
This act was carried out by Starscream, who upon returning to the Decepticons base in the ruins of New York, earns some rare praise from Megatron. The two gloat over the fact that the defeat of the Autobot resistance was achieved by a traitor they hadn't expected. Meanwhile, Hook begins planning the rebuilding of New York into a new base.
Andy and Bridge are also hiding with people in a subway, but Andy's Air Force training means they're much better supplied and defended than the others. This means when Astrotrain arrives most of the refugees are able to flee, but Andy himself seemingly falls to a killer blow from the Decepticon...

The Good: Guidi's and Josh collaboration on the artwork seems to reach a peak with this issue. Lines are well-executed and convey action very well - first scene of the despairing refugees getting slagged by Astrotrain is very well done; rough shadowy lines combine with gritty colors to make the despair horrible clear. Good explosions by Josh as well. Best art of the series so far. Shane actually made Guido do this so I guess he's done all right. Brave thing killing off Andy like that, but far from surprising. Why the slag do all you fans hate the humans? I find their characters interesting, and if nothing else they give some sense of scale to the Bots. But anyway. Shane has done good - for now anyway...

The Bad: Why kill off Andy? Why kill him off when he's apparently looking out for the late DJ's girl Meg? I mean Shane spends a page telling us all this and then kills the damn guy off. What the slag? Um, nothing else really, the issue was pretty well done, as I said before.

The Ugly: Dan Witwicky is named as a commander in this issue but as a general in previous issues. This was later changed back to general, making commander an error. The subways are awfully well lit for a place in a town without power. Finally, Andy mistakes Ravage for a mechanical dog. I know Ravage's body is a bit generic in terms of shape, but anybody with even basic animal knowledge could see Ravage was some kind of cat! Stupid Andy.

Verdict: Very well done in terms of art, colors, story; well done on everything really. Coupla discrepancies but nothing major. Best issue so far. Rated 9.75 out of 10.

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  1. not sure about the purple theme to the cover on this one...


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