Sunday, 18 October 2009

Tales of the Fallen: Jetfire preview

After the disappointment of Tales of the Fallen: Sideswipe, the five-page preview of Tales of the Fallen: Jetfire looks to drag this miniseries out of the mud. With Carlos Magno clearly upping his art quality, and  the prolific Moose Baumann on color duties, the quality of this issue looks to be the best yet. Chris Mowry is back to writing TotF, right where he should be. Finally, we learn of leaky, creaky ol' Jetfire's origins. Here's the five pages for viewing pleasure:

Look out for Transformers Tales of the Fallen: Jetfire, out on October 21. Don't miss this one. See you round. Fanbot has spoken!

Posted by Fanbot at 11:07 am, SUNDAY 18 October


  1. i think that Moose Baumann has gone to hard on the purple... not liking these graphics either... I will wait for the Ongoing series to come out...

  2. You is right. Purple = spacey, so understandable. But why can't anyone just try blue or even yellow for once? And yes, get ongoing.


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